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Royal Energy Healing - Healing Services Cavan and Meath: I operate my services out of a safe and relaxed treatment room in Navan, Co. Meath and also in Mullagh, Co. Cavan.

About Myself: My name is Noel Fitzsimons, and l am an Energy Healing Therapist living in Mullagh in Co. Cavan, I am 43 years of age and married with one daughter. Some years back I went through a stage of anxiety and depression and at the time I had tried out numerous treatments and therapies without any success, I then found Reiki and gradually I got my life back on track. My self confidence and self esteem improved greatly and all the areas that had suffered as a result have improved dramatically. It soon became apparent that I wanted to help others as I had been helped myself, which I did and now I am on my life path as a result. 

Mental Health: In the Current World today Anxiety and Depression and Stress are fast becoming a more serious issue. Everyone Services their cars and maintain their houses, but sadly we neglect our mental health. If we take care of ourselves and look after our Mental Health we glow positively from within and which can greatly improve life for ourselves and everyone around us and there is no need for anyone to suffer alone as there is plenty of help.

Start your Healing Journey in a Relaxed and Safe Environment.

Find out more by watching my video - click here for video 

My phone number is 085 8476169 and my email is

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Noel Fitzsimons

Noel Fitzsimons

Noel Fitzsimons

Products & services

Healing Services that I have to offer to improve your life

  • Energy Healing.
  • Reiki.
  • Seichem.
  • Angel card readings.
  • Sound mindfulness and meditation advice.
  • Tips to motivate and energise you.

I hold all of my Healing Sessions out of a safe and relaxed treatment room in Navan, Co. Meath and in Mullagh, Co. Cavan.

Click here to view my youtube channel  

For more information on any of my healing services

Please call me at 085 8476169.

My contact email is

Products & services


Reiki was developed by Dr Usui in Japan, Rei is translated as wisdom and knowledge of the universe and divine source, Ki is the life source energy that flows through every living thing.

When the words are put together the meaning of reiki is simplified as universal life force energy which is guided by divine wisdom to rebalance, heal and harmonise all aspects of the mind, body and soul. Reiki is a natural form of energy healing and energy medicine, It will rebalance all 7 chakras and it will get them flowing correctly bringing our bodies back into harmony on all levels. 

Reiki Benefits

  • Reiki is a lovely and relaxing session.
  • Reiki greatly helps Anxiety, Depression and Stress.
  • Reiki treats the Mind, Body and Spirit.
  • Reiki improves sleep and eating patterns.
  • Reiki will strengthen the Immune and digestive systems.
  • Reiki increases energy levels.
  • Reiki boosts self- confidence and self- esteem.
  • Reiki also promotes and aids healing on all levels.

Reiki is very good at clearing and healing wounds that are seen and unseen and will also cleanse and clear our auras and energy fields.

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Seichem is a lovely healing system which was practiced in Egypt thousands of years ago and was re-founded by Patrick Ziegler in 1979. It is also a gentle but powerful healing system and where Reiki leaves off, Seichem takes over.

Both can be used as stand alone systems, but can work very well together as Seichem will go in on a deeper level with acute and chronic illnesses and will go deeper on a personal level of growth.

What to expect during a Session

We always take our time filling out consultation forms and talking and I always fully explain what can come up during a session and afterwards. Talking is very healing so there is no time limit, I am a very good listener which helps the client feel relaxed and which in turn promotes and encourages healing.

Each session is fully confidential and private and I am always non judgemental and consider a client’s needs and will never start a session until the client is fully ready and relaxed. Clients always find a session deeply relaxing and restful and will feel more grounded and lighter in mind, body and spirit. Clients will have more energy, sleep better and have more clarity. We always have a nice chat afterwards and I can read cards afterwards too. Each session is a unique and lovely experience for the client.

Products & services

Distant Healing Via Zoom

Distant Healing's via zoom are fast becoming more popular and the way forward, they are a very personal and unique experience for both. The energy is just as powerful as a one to one session in a clinic and the energy goes exactly to where it is needed and I am getting really positive feedback from all of my clients.  

The Benefits and how a Zoom Session works

  • There is no travelling involved.
  • There is no social distancing needed
  • Zoom is very easy to install, if on a phone download zoom app.
  • Once we schedule a meeting I send you a link by email.
  • Click the link to join on laptop, ipad or phone.
  • Click join video and click join with computer audio.
  • That’s it we are in.
  • A Zoom session is cheaper than a therapy room session.

A zoom session can be done from the privacy of your own home and no one sees you entering a therapists house which can be very daunting for some people.

Products & services

Angel Card Readings

Angel card readings are a lovely experience and can be a nice add-on to any session or a unique experience on their own.

An angel card reading can bring hope, clarity and happiness to a client and will usually last for 20 minutes and includes a nice and relaxed chat.

A reading depends on a lot of how the reader interprets the message for each individual client. Sometimes the message will not be what you expected, but what your guides and angels want you to hear at this moment to help you to move forward.

For more information on my Angel card Readings or to make a booking

Call me at 085 8476169.

Email me at

Facebook Page

Click here to view my youtube channel  


Products & services

Why choose Me as a Healer 

I can help others with anxiety and depression, as I have bounced back from it myself. When I found Reiki, my life improved for me in every way - I gained control of my life again and I am now helping others as a result.

I learned the tools and continue to use them on a daily basis and I can offer good mindfulness advice and will show you the tools to slow down and still the mind including Chakra balancing techniques and much more. I am fully insured and self - employed.

Case study example how I can help 

Someone comes in tired, lacks energy and motivation, their mind is racing and overthinking, confidence is low and as a result their family and friendships are suffering and business areas too. 

We can work out and introduce movement and motivation ideas on a daily basis and I will teach tools and methods on how to slow down the mind and show some ideas to improve family life and connections. As these 3 areas improve so will your business and work life as you will have more energy, drive and motivation, your mindset and connections have improved so it will bring more results and a better relationship with work colleagues.

Prices per type of Healing Session

  • Distant Zoom Healings - €30.
  • One to One Healings - 1 hour for €40.
  • One to One Healings - 90 mins for €50.

Products & services

Products & services

Products & services

Products & services